A day at camp

Sample Day

7:00 AM  Wake up

7:15 AM  Light pre-workout fruit/energy bar

7:30 AM  Camp-wide workout (coaches take turns running unique and challenging sessions). Coaches not leading the workout participate with the campers.

9:00 AM  Breakfast

10:00 AM  Sport-specific session 1 – technical skill

12:00 PM  Lunch

1:00 PM  Rest/Recovery – campers encouraged to sleep, stretch, yoga, ice, swim, etc.

2:30 PM  Sport-specific session 2 – tactical work and game situations

5:00 PM  Dinner

5:45 PM  Boast, Toast, Roast – Campers boast about something they are proud of, commend others for something they did, and comment on something they personally hope to improve on the following day. This gives the campers a chance to reflect, offer praise, and refocus on moving forward.

7:00 PM  Cross-training, weight work, core routine

8:00 PM  Stretch, shower, prep for bed.

9:00 PM  Camp-wide team building, sports psychology discussion, or activity

10:00 PM  Lights out